Window Blinds or Plantation Shutters For Your Nashville Area Home?

Homeowners around the Nashville area have many choices when it comes to window treatments. Occasionally we get requests to explain the benefits of choosing wood plantation shutters over basic wood blinds. At this point, Nashville area homeowners have done their research and narrowed it down to these 2 options. 

After we explain the difference between wood plantation shutters and wood blinds, the choice is often very clear. Here’s why…

Plantation shutters are more durable and last longer than basic wood blinds

Chances are, you’ve had blinds at some point. Maybe they never raised or lowered quite right. Maybe the cord or a few of the slats broke off. To put it simply, they weren’t made to last as long as plantation shutters.

At Advantage Shutters, our plantation shutters are built for the long haul, with very little or no maintenance. We make real wood shutters – not composite – that are designed to look and work great for years and years to come.

Plantation Shutters Can Improve Your Home’s Value

Shutters are classified as permanent fixtures to your home. In fact, the IRS considers them a capital improvement. which means their installation will increase the overall value of your home. This is an important consideration not only for when you sell your home but also for when applying for a home equity loan. Your investment in these classic window treatments will definitely pay off in the long run.

Plantation shutters are more visually appealing

Plantation shutters can certainly boost your home’s curb appeal and add a sophisticated touch. They offer an elegant, clean look that is always in fashion. They fit with just about any decor, can be custom matched to any paint color. There are no hanging cords to contend with as with wood blinds. And you’ll never have to worry about uneven slats. Plantation shutters install with either an inside mount or an outside mount on your trim to allow tilt in window features, making a room feel more spacious.

Plantation shutters are easier to clean than wood blinds

Plantation shutters can be cleaned quickly and effortlessly. You don’t have to wrestle with moving wood blinds to clean them. You don’t have to painstakingly wipe small blind blades that bend and crack and bunch up. You simply dust the smooth, secured, wooden louvers clean – it’s as simple as that.

Plantation shutters are child-safe

Our interior plantation shutters are constructed from the finest wood available (manufactured here in TN at our factory in Lavergne) and consist of wooden louvers controlled by a tilt bar. Their beautiful, classic look endures the test of time, but even better? Unlike wood blinds, there are no cords and no risk.

Are you ready to add plantation shutters to your home? Schedule a consultation today to get started!