3 Exterior Shutter Options for Brentwood TN Homes

If you are looking for an easy way to update your ranch-style home in and around Brentwood, TN, or add extra curb appeal, consider updating your shutters. We have helped many Brentwood and surrounding area homeowners design and install custom shutters that give their home fantastic curb appeal. 

Do you live in Brentwood TN? Then chances are you live in a traditional ranch-style home and may be ready for an exterior refresh! We have some amazing exterior custom wood shutter styles to share that will be a perfect fit for your Brentwood ranch-style home.

Brentwood Ranch Style Homes – A Brief History 

Brentwood’s many neighborhoods were first developed around the 1960’s. Before that, the town was mainly farmland. This lifestyle made ranch-style homes popular here. 

The ranch-style house is noted for its extended, close-to-the-ground profile and wide-open layout. The style intertwined modernist ideas with hints of the American Western dream of wide-open spaces to create a casual living style. 

Older Ranch homes in Brentwood were designed with practicality in mind. They are connected to the open country & great outdoors, something Middle Tennesseans enjoy many months out of the year. 

Bahama Shutters

We’ve selected the Bahama shutter as our first pick for this home style with the great outdoors and classic ranch style home in mind. 

Casual and fun, Bahama Shutters are fixed to the home at the top of the window rather than the sides. On bright, sunny days, they can be propped open to shield the inside of the house from direct sunlight, while consistent airflow and light breezes can still circulate throughout the home. 

Here in Tennessee, we experience weather patterns that can seem all over the place. Picking an exterior shutter style with the weather in mind is essential. Spring in Brentwood can see heavy rainstorms, hail, and tornados. Bahama shutters offer hinges at the top to allow for quick closure in preparation for storms and security against window damage.

Custom Wood Shutters 

Brentwood homeowners interested in high-quality, wood products should consider custom wood shutters. We craft our shutters from Spanish cedar, Cypress, or Mahogany, and finish with the paint color of your choice. Our custom shutters are built to withstand heat and sun, a necessary feature in the South. Because the paint finishes are built to last, there is no constant maintenance to maintain curb appeal.

Got a unique idea for custom shutters? We are here to help you bring that idea to life!  

Louvered Shutters 

One of our most popular styles is the Louvered shutter. Louvered window shutters are constructed with overlapping uniform slats of wood set into a frame. These are a great option to add color, depth, texture, and dimension to otherwise ordinary windows. Choose an eye-popping paint color to set them off against a white ranch-style home. 

These shutters are lightweight and essentially maintenance-free and are accented and installed with the hardware of your choosing, crafted right here in our Middle TN shutter factory and carefully installed by our trusted in-house installers. 

We are honored to design and install custom shutters for the Brentwood Community and beyond. For more information on our custom shutters, ​contact us​ today!