Let the Sunshine in with Clearview Shutters

There’s a new shutter option in town that is becoming very popular among Middle Tennessee homeowners. This shutter will never replace a traditional wood plantation shutter that our customers have come to love and enjoy. But it is an option for those who may want more light coming in and a less obstructed view of the outdoors. We’d like to tell you more about Clearview Shutters. 

What are Clearview shutters?

The name does well in telling the story of this particular shutter option. These are interior wood plantation shutters that do not have the center tilt-rod control. The tilt-rod is hidden behind the panel off to the side of the louvers. This enables a view when the louvers are opened, which is unobstructed by anything; therefore: CLEAR VIEW.

Why consider Clearview shutters?

You want to show off your great view but still want the great benefits of plantation shutters.

We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Many homeowners in Middle TN have incredible views right outside their windows. Clearview shutters are a great option for homeowners who are looking for a less obstructed view. They are more open looking and allow more light, due to less wood in the center of the panels. ClearView is a dynamic view-through option for the windows in your home where the view is the highlight of the space!

You want a more modern and contemporary look in your home.

Clearview shutters have a more simplistic and modern design. The look is more contemporary. When we consult with our customers, we advise that the center tilt rod looks best with traditional décor and Clearview hidden tilt with a transitional or modern look. 

Which Windows work best for Clearview Shutters?

We can do a Clearview Shutter panel up to 36 inches wide, so most single windows can accommodate this panel. However, this type of shutter, being more contemporary, is a better match for the tall, skinny craftsmen homes being built in the Nashville area. 

Clearview Shutters come with the same benefits you get with all of our interior wood plantation shutters.

Our Clearview shutters are wood, so they have the same properties for temperature and light control as our traditional plantation shutters. And… just like our other interior shutter options, the finish can be matched to your trim color. Finally, they never have to be redone to match the change of decor. They are timeless in their beauty and functionality. With our Clearview Shutters, as a permanent fixture in the home, your investment will be returned at the sale of the home as the cost of the shutters will be included in the appraised value of your home, unlike shades, blinds or draperies. 

Give us a call today to learn more about our Clearview Shutters and if they are a good fit for your home.