Inside vs Outside Mount Plantation Shutters

Once you’ve made the decision to install plantation shutters in your home there are just a few details that will need to be finalized before the install. One of these details is the choice between inside and outside mount plantation shutters.

Inside mounted shutters sit between trim pieces and will project out beyond the trim if the depth is not more than at least 4 inches. Outside mounted shutters are fitted onto the wall, around the window. Both of these plantation shutter mount options are visually appealing.

In most cases, however, there will be one option that will fit your window better than the other. An outside mount on plantation shutters is used about 85% of the time, in our experience. And there are many reasons for this.

When to use outside mount plantation shutters

  • If you have a tilt-in window for cleaning, an inside mount hampers the window sash from tilting as it hits the frame. 
  • The depth of your window casing
  • Your style of window
  • For a double-hung, casement or slider window an inside mount does not achieve a shutter projection flush with Drywall.
  • Outside mount is used so that the louvers can open and close without hitting the window glass or the wood grids in the window.

When to use inside mount plantation shutters

Inside mount is really best used when the windows are drywall return. Usually, a metal window and generally no trim around the window and the depth from the edge of Drywall to the window is about 5 inches. In this case, the shutter would be installed flush with the Drywall.  

For over 30 years we’ve been helping our customers navigate the decisions that need to be made like inside vs outside mount plantation shutters. Our shutter experts can help guide you through the process to know which mount is right for your new home shutters. 

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