Framed Raised Panel Shutters in Nashville & Middle TN

Framed Raised Panel Shutters are a staple of the traditional style home in Middle Tennessee. Our solid Spanish Cedar framed raised panel shutters are a beautiful upgrade from the builder-grade vinyl framed raised panel shutters that are so common on older homes. Typically seen on traditional, colonial, and French country style homes, framed raised panel shutters are a classic that never go out of style. Our standard framed raised panel shutters are made of 1 ¼” thick Spanish Cedar frames with Extera composite panels. Framed raised panel shutters can be customized to fit any size or shape widow on your home and painted in a wide variety of colors.

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  • custom exterior frame raised panel shutters Nashville TN
  • custom exterior frame raised panel shutters Nashville TN
  • custom exterior frame raised panel shutters Nashville TN
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Our Exterior Shutters are manufactured in Middle TN in our factory in LaVergne, TN.  We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality custom wood shutters, backed by our excellent service from long-time experienced employees.

We operate a full wood shop in our factory and, therefore, are capable of producing most styles of shutters that our customers would desire.  We can replicate existing shutters or design combinations of several styles for a unique look for a particular homeowner that is different than the run of the mill exterior shutter.  Our custom hinges and shutter hardware give the panels a finished look that is not only esthetically pleasing but functional as well.  The functional hinges allow the shutters to be held off the siding of the home, at a slight angle, to allow ventilation between the back of the shutter and the siding.  This keeps moisture and debris from building up behind the wood and causing deterioration of the wood.  With our tie backs, the panels are able to be opened up and maintained easily by the homeowner, and when it is time to repaint, the panels can be lifted off the hinges without much labor or expertise.

Our most common styles of Exterior Shutters are Louvered, Raised Panel, Board and Batten and styles of recessed panels.  Our panels for Raised Panel and Recessed panels are made with Extira, a composite material that allows the full width of the panel to be manufactured without any glue up.