Custom Shutter Design In Middle Tennessee

We frequently get requests from Nashville Area homeowners who want to design a unique custom shutter for their home. With social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram, the ideas and options for custom wood shutters are endless.

When a customer asks the question “Can you create this custom shutter for my home?” Our answer is YES! 

We absolutely love helping customers bring to life a custom shutter design they have seen online, driving down the street, or have created themselves! 

We operate a full woodshop in our factory and, therefore, are capable of producing most styles of shutters that our customers would desire. We can replicate existing shutters or design combinations of several styles for a unique look for a particular homeowner that is different than the run of the mill exterior shutter. And we can help our customers choose custom hardware to complete the perfect look of your exterior custom shutters.

Manufactured “shabby chic” might be all the rage in home trends right now but incorporating found materials into your decor can create a one-of-a-kind conversation piece for your home while adding a bit of historical ambiance. You can utilize materials like barn wood and reclaimed wood, which is appealing due to decades of elemental wear and tear. Reclaimed wood and barn wood are perfect for houses with other natural elements, such. as brick, but can also complement more traditional styles.

Opting for newer materials? Custom cedar shutters may be the way to go. Cedar is resistant to warping and twisting, which makes it the perfect go-to wood for many exterior applications. It contains cypressene, a naturally occurring oil that repels bugs, decay and moisture–ideal for those hot, humid summers in middle Tennessee. Whether rough-surfaced for a textured look or smooth planed, cedar is the perfect wood to enhance your home’s exterior with a handcrafted, artisan touch that is classic and refined.

Going custom allows you to really make the shutters your own, as they are specifically designed to complement the look and feel of your home. Need some inspiration?  Here is a great Pinterest page we found with lots of ideas.

We are ready to help you bring your custom shutter vision to life. Give us a call today to get started!