Choosing the Perfect Home Shutter Color

One of the easiest ways to add curb appeal or freshen up the look of your home is with wooden shutters. The color pop of the shutter draws attention to the windows and makes the home more interesting; however, you want a color that works well with both the design and palette of your exterior.

Here is how you can choose the perfect shutter color for your home.

Use a Triad Color Scheme

A triad color scheme consists of three colors that are equally spaced on the 12-point color wheel. Triads can be primary, neutrals, or even similar colors as long as you have a dominant hue. In the case of wooden shutters, you would use the dominant color as the shutter color, and the supporting colors would be used for the home, trim, or even incorporated into the landscaping.

Whether you have Louvered, Raised Panel, Board, or Batten shutters, the triad color scheme works well and can be easily updated as time passes. Choose neutrals if you want a classic style and stronger colors if you want to draw attention to the front of your home.

Go Traditional with Black or White

If your home is brick or painted a neutral color, you may want to opt for black or white shutters to provide contrast. Brick houses look best with black or charcoal greys. White shutters are popular for ranch-style homes because of their simplicity and freshness.

Bahama shutters look particularly good in white, giving your home an airy look reminiscent of the beach.

Make a Statement with Jewel Toned Shutters

If you have a white house, then the color options for wooden shutters are endless. Jewel tones or bright colors won’t seem overwhelming as long as you don’t overdo. We recommend a cobalt blue or sea green for a traditional but fun look. You may even want to paint your front door to match.

Plantation shutters in brighter tones can really make a statement and brighten up an otherwise bland palette.

Let Nature Inspire You

If you just can’t decide on a shutter color, then we suggest taking inspiration from nature. You can often find unique color combinations in flowers or shade combinations in rocks and plants. Take pictures and match the colors to a color wheel. You may find that color combos you didn’t think would work actually look great when they are put together.

Board and batten shutters look good in earthy, neutral tones. The natural colors look good with brick or painted exteriors. Board shutters can also be stained instead of painted and are perfect for farmhouse or European looks.

Be Sure to Check Your HOA Regulations

Always check with your HOA before picking shutter colors. There may be guidelines you have to follow or an approved palette of colors to choose from. You can also visit the Advantage Shutters showroom, where our artisans can help you shutter color and styles.

Advantage Shutters designs and installs custom shutters for the Brentwood Community and beyond. If you would like more information on custom shutters, color options, or styles, contact us today!