Child Safe Window Treatments

Our children are everything to us, and their safety is topmost among our priorities. Just as we take precautions for their wellbeing in environments outside of the house – fences around pools, seatbelts in cars, helmets when biking and scootering – we also must ensure that our homes are as safe as possible. Child-safe window treatments are an important part of the home safety equation.

What are child-safe window coverings?

Child-safe window coverings are window treatments that do NOT have shade or blind cords.

Why are they important?

Exposed shade and blind cords pose a significant threat to children and pets. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has called corded window coverings one of the top five hidden hazards in American homes. A study published in the journal Pediatrics identified almost 17,000 window-blind related injuries treated in emergency rooms from 1990-2015. These are preventable incidents; homes just need the right window coverings in order to avoid these tragic accidents.

What are some child-safe window covering options?

At Advantage Shutters, we have excellent, high-quality choices:

  • Plantation Shutters – Our interior plantation shutters are constructed from the finest wood available (manufactured here in TN at our factory in Lavergne) and consist of wooden louvers controlled by a tilt bar. Their beautiful, classic look endures the test of time, but even better? No cords, no strangulation risk.
  • Clearview Shutters – Like our plantation shutters, these window coverings consist of high quality wooden louvers. The tilt rod, rather than being in the center of the louvers, is hidden behind the panel off to the side, enabling an unobstructed view when the louvers are opened. Again, no cords, no strangulation risk. Just classic beauty and a fabulous Middle Tennessee view.


It’s time for me to update my window coverings to make them child-safe. What’s my next step?

Simply get in touch – with a complimentary consultation, we’re happy to guide you through the rest! With over three decades of experience, we are Middle Tennessee’s trusted source for custom wooden shutters. Our loyal, long-term employees are experts in the field and will be thrilled to assist you in making your home a safer place for the children you love.