Amazing Exterior Shutters for Franklin TN Homes

We are excited to share a new series of posts highlighting our recommendations for shutters around Middle Tennessee communities! First on the list, Franklin, TN. 

Franklin, Tennessee, is a place known for its rolling hills and small-town charm. The houses here range from historic to newly under construction. It’s a great community to live in, and the beauty of the homes here reflects that. Exterior shutters are useful in protecting the home and providing an accent to the house’s overall style. And we have some amazing exterior shutter styles for Franklin Tennessee homes to share! 

Before selecting your shutter style, it’s essential to think through your home’s architectural style, as well as highlight what kind of features you want to get out of your shutters. Your home style can be accentuated with a particular type of shutter; it can affect the entire tone of your home’s exterior. And on that note, here are some of our favorite amazing exterior shutter styles for Franklin, Tennessee, based upon the home’s style. 

Board & Batten Shutters 

Franklin’s Historic Homes 

Board & batten shutters are one of the oldest types of shutters. These fit right into a central part of the town’s life, soaking up the rich history Franklin has to offer. Many of the homes here reflect that history in their architecture, and some date back to the early 1800s. Historic homes look great with this highly functional shutter. It not only extenuates the style of these homes, but it offers protection and preservation. An old brick home can be spruced up with a simple shutter replacement & enhancement.

Farmhouse Style Homes

Similar to the original ranch home design, a farmhouse was traditionally built on a real farm. These days those in Franklin have smaller lots, and modern neighborhoods have replaced farmland stretches, but the farmhouse style trend is still going strong in Middle Tennessee and for a good reason. 

If you’re looking to create a distinctive farmhouse look for your Franklin area home, consider the board & batten shutter. Board and Batten shutters are a two-in-one combination. The vertical slats are called Boards, and the horizontal pieces are called Battens. Wider boards are what create a more modern and relaxed farmhouse vibe. 

Bahama Shutters 

Cape Cod Style Homes

Cape Cod homes were inspired by British thatched cottages but built with a couple of key differences. Cape-Cod-style homes have massive chimneys and angled roofs to help weather cold winters. Here in Middle Tennessee, we can dress the Cape Cod with the coastal Bahama Shutter for a bold, almost tropical look that can let in a ton of natural light, and airflow, increasing a home’s energy efficiency.  Extra natural light on a warm Spring day matches the nostalgic and beachy vibes that occur when we attach Bahama Shutters on a Cape Cod. These two paired together to make an amazing exterior shutter style for a Franklin Tennessee home.  

Franklin porches on ANY Style home

In the South, we like sitting outside on our porch, and we’ve been known to do so with a glass of iced sweet tea in hand. Bahama Shutters are unique because they are attached to the home at the bottom of the window rather than at the sides. This type of hinge allows the homeowner to control the angle and amount of air flowing through space, increasing the amount of cool breeze flowing on the porch. Having that extra control on your porch makes it the perfect outdoor space to host your gatherings in nearly any weather. 

Ranch Style Homes

Ranch style homes are styled after rural Western ranches, but Franklin’s older Ranch homes have a Southern twist and share similarities with the fan-favorite Farmhouse style. Older Ranch homes were designed with practicality in mind, connected to the open country & great outdoors, a vital aspect. We’ve selected a Bahama shutter as our pick for this style of home with this in mind. Bahama shutters offer a relationship with the outdoors on the homeowners’ terms. 

Custom Wood Shutters 

Franklin’s traditional brick homes

Franklin, TN experienced a neighborhood boom around the late 90s and early 2000’s with the addition of great neighborhoods like Fieldstone Farms, Forrest Crossing, Sullivan Farms, and many more. One of the  to add curb appeal to cottage sty style is the addition of custom wood shutters. The classic wood adds charm to an already quaint cottage. Wood shutters are a fantastic functional choice as well. They can add protection from bad weather, provide natural ventilation, and privacy to the homeowner.  

At Advantage Shutters, we are proud to serve the Middle Tennessee area and love being part of the Franklin Community! We offer superior products of the highest quality, exceptional customer service, and prompt turnaround. For more information on our custom-made shutters, ​contact us​ today!