Amazing Exterior Shutter Styles for Nashville Tennessee Homes

We are excited to share an on-going series of posts highlighting our recommendations for exterior shutter styles around Middle Tennessee communities! Second on the list is Nashville, Tennessee. To read the first post in our on-going series, click here. 

Nashville, Tennessee, dubbed “Music City,” has experienced massive amounts of growth over the last decade, and for a good reason. Nashville is a hub for flavorful food, Southern hospitality with big city vibes, live music, talented performers, entertainment venues, and an international airport. This booming growth has led to an impressive amount of homes being built and restored in Nashville.  

Homes in this southern city rarely fall short on style. Nashville Homeowners pay attention to their home’s architectural style before selecting features to add to the interior and exterior. That level of detail is something we at Advantage Shutters take notice of. Here are some amazing exterior shutter styles for Nashville, Tennessee, paired with popular home styles. 

Tudor Style Homes & Custom Wood Shutters 

Tudor homes are generally known for their storybook charm. These complex stone homes saw a big boom in construction during the 20th century, and many have been restored and renovated in Nashville, Tennessee, for modern use. High and arched ceilings create an attitude similar to that of a modern city loft. 

When reviving an old Tudor home in Music City, the addition of customized wood shutters can add delightful curb appeal to a home with little maintenance required for their upkeep. Since much of a Tudor home has been restored from a build many years ago, the less maintenance, the better. Custom Wood Shutters must use quality wood products that are dependable. 

Craftsman Style Homes & Bahama Shutters 

Craftsman Style homes in Nashville have been around for over 100 years, and with good reason. The Craftsmen style boom followed the Victorian style movement and differed in that it was highly focused on the individual. A trademark of these homes is the horizontal lines and low-pitched stretching angular roofs with uncovered beams. Because of this, they are often accompanied by large outdoor porches with sturdy and thick columns. 

Bahama Shutters couldn’t pair more perfectly with a home. A staple of the outdoors, Bahama shutters ask the question Craftsman Style Homes answer. And that is, “Which way to the front porch?” Because of the large deck size typical of these homes, the porch is often the area most utilized when hosting Nashvillian neighbors for a weekend soiree. This shutter style is the option that allows the homeowner a choice in both airflow and natural lighting. 

Traditional Ranch Homes & Board and Batten Exterior Shutters

Traditional ranch-style homes are abundant in Middle Tennessee, and Music City U.S.A is no exception. Though many in the city limits live there for the proximity to work and all the amenities that Nashville has to offer, a hankering for southern life and small-town charm could be one reason these homes have been so popular in the city. Traditionally built in a U shape, these homes are generally single floors and sometimes offer a basement. 

Traditional ranch homes with Board & Batten Shutters trade their Southern charm for European illusions. The classic Board and Batten shutters were one of the earliest shutters used in society. Is it any wonder this design has survived the test of time? Truly this is an amazing exterior shutter style for Nashville, Tennessee homes. 

Cottage Style Homes & Cut-Out Style Shutters

Cottages are generally smaller homes with a European ambiance. They feature stone or wood siding, and a quaint entryway, typically with gravel or brick leading to the front door. Many of these homes tap into a romantic feeling through curb appeal alone. This is done by investing in exterior designs such as gardens, shrubbery, & bright colors. The right exterior shutters can attenuate this quaint feeling. 

A great shutter pick for this style of home is the Cut-Out Style. The Cut-Out Shutter can be made from our custom wood shutters and offers a unique look into the homeowner’s personality. These are exactly what they sound like, shapes, patterns, and designs cut out from wood shutters. Nashville Cottage homeowners add layers of creativity to their home with this look. 

At Advantage Shutters, we are proud to serve the Middle Tennessee area and are honored to be part of the Nashville Community. We offer superior products of the highest quality, exceptional customer service, and prompt turnaround. For more information on our custom-made shutters, ​contact us​ today