5 Things To Know Before Buying Wood Plantation Shutters

Are you considering a window treatment upgrade to wood plantation shutters this year? If your Nashville area home is in need of a fresh new look, these durable and beautiful shutters are the perfect solution. However, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind once you begin the interior shutter buying process.

Before you purchase your new plantation shutters, here are 5 things you need to know.

Installation Matters

We cannot stress enough the importance of choosing a qualified and experienced installer to ensure the shutters are installed properly. Measurements need to be exact. Attention to detail is important when installing wood shutters, so the frames are kept perfectly square, to avoid pinched hinges and stress on the shutter panel. When an inexperienced installer does not take the time to get the frame perfectly level, the shutter will eventually bend, potentially causing cracks, warping, and damage.

It is also very important that interior plantation shutters fit closely to your window. Only an experienced, professional installer will know how to do this well. When the shutter is installed close to the window, it looks better, blocks light leaks, and improves energy efficiency. When installed correctly, your interior shutters can decrease energy bills and keep you comfortable throughout the winter months.

Inside vs Outside Mount

Inside mounted shutters sit between trim pieces and will project out beyond the trim if the depth is not more than at least 4 inches. Outside mounted shutters are fitted onto the wall, around the window. Both of these plantation shutter mount options are visually appealing. We can help you choose the perfect mount for your space.

When should you use outside mount?
If you have a tilt-in window for cleaning, an inside mount hampers the window sash from tilting as it hits the frame.
The depth of your window casing
Your style of window.
For a double-hung, casement, or slider window an inside mount does not achieve a shutter projection flush with Drywall.
Outside mount is used so that the louvers can open and close without hitting the window glass or the wood grids in the window.

When should you use inside mount?
Inside mount is really best used when the windows are drywall return. Usually, a metal window and generally no trim around the window, and the depth from the edge of the drywall to the window is about 5 inches. In this case, the shutter would be installed flush with the Drywall.

Louver Size

Do you want a contemporary feel, with clean, wide-open windows, or are you looking for a traditional feel in the home, with classic double-hung shutters?  There are several shutter design options to choose from. We will help guide you through the options and costs to make sure you get the right design for your home and budget.


Wood is the most traditional material used in plantation shutter construction. Our interior shutters are made of:
American hardwood

Each of these beautiful woods allows us to create a stunning finished product worthy of any well-loved Middle TN home.

Wooden interior shutters boast a high strength-to-weight ratio. Even though they are lighter in weight than composite shutters, they are stronger. This makes them durable and also allows for larger panel sizes – even large panels won’t put undue weight on the shutters and sag.

When you choose wood shutters you gain greater flexibility when making design choices while providing you with the best quality product available.

The Quality of Shutter Production Varies from Vendor to Vendor

You should be able to know what goes into your shutter, where it is made, and who makes it. Our company is unique in that our wood shutters are manufactured right here in Middle TN by artisans who have years of experience. We are a family-owned business and proudly employ local Middle TN residents who are shutter experts.

When you’re ready to shop for plantation shutters, give us a call us at 615-833-3425 to set up a complimentary consultation at your home or business or to arrange a tour of our factory in LaVergne. We can’t wait to show you where it all happens!