5 Reasons to Add Interior Plantation Shutters to Your Home This Year

The craziness of the holidays is behind us and the new year is just gaining steam. This is the perfect time to take stock and turn some of your dream home upgrades into reality.

A great place to start? Your windows!

Windows are vital to the function and feel of a home. They allow natural light to fill your indoor space, they admit fresh breezes, they keep your home feeling open and airy. However, if your window treatments are cumbersome or out-of-date, then the benefits of having windows can quickly become disadvantages for your home.

The perfect solution? Plantation shutters!

These interior shutters are the most popular type of shutter across the country and for good reason. You will realize a multitude of benefits when you install them in your home. Here are five of our favorites.

1. Plantation shutters look amazing.

Plantation shutters offer an elegant, clean look that is always in fashion. They fit with just about any decor, can be custom matched to any paint color. Unlike curtains or drapes which can take up a great deal of wall space, plantation shutters install with either an inside mount or an outside mount on your trim to allow tilt in window features, making a room feel more spacious.

2. Plantation shutters increase the value of your home.

Shutters are classified as permanent fixtures to your home. In fact, the IRS considers them a capital improvement. which means their installation will increase the overall value of your home. This is an important consideration not only for when you sell your home but also for when applying for a home equity loan. Your investment in these classic window treatments will definitely pay off in the long run.

3. Plantation shutters are energy efficient.

Plantation shutters are designed to install over the window opening and therefore act as an effective insulator. Their coverage of your window opening keeps winter’s chill at bay and creates a barrier between the sun’s heat and the inside temperature of your home. In addition, the ability to tilt the louvers as needed allows you to control the sunlight flowing into a room to keep it from heating up on a summer day and to direct the sunlight up into the room and off your floors and furniture, saving those items from being bleached out by the sunlight.

4. Plantation shutters offer additional privacy.

The versatility of these shutters is one of their greatest benefits. Plantation shutters can be easily adjusted to allow light to flow in while preventing people from being able to see into your home. Custom Wood Shutters offer the additional advantage of silence! When you open the windows to let a beautiful spring breeze freshen up the house, you can maintain that privacy without the rattling you’d hear if the wind were blowing through blinds. Another option is to completely open the shutter panels back off the window opening to allow full window view.

Clearview Shutters, with hidden tilt rods on the back side of the panels, give another option to have a “clearer view” through the closed panels but open louvers.

5. Plantation shutters are known for their longevity.

Plantation shutters are an economical choice. They are strong and durable. With proper care and maintenance, custom interior wood plantation shutters will maintain their original beauty for years of satisfaction. Because of their classic style, they are always in fashion! And once they’ve been installed they won’t need to be replaced.

Plantation shutters are also known for their ease of use. Just tilt the louvers themselves to direct sunlight into (or out of) the room. They are also known for their simple upkeep. There’s no need to take them down in order to clean them like you would other window coverings. Instead, all it takes is a light occasional dusting with a feather duster over the shutter louvers and stiles. Uses of any chemical product or water are not advised as these products can cause a problem with your paint finish. When cleaning windows it is advised to open the louver panels completely and spray your cloth with the window cleaner and apply to the glass rather than spraying the cleaner directly onto the glass.

Their many attributes make plantation shutters an obvious choice for your next home renovation or upgrade. But don’t make the mistake of ordering such an important component from a big box store’s catalog. If you’re looking for customer service, fit and a variety of color, as well as high-quality workmanship and a reasonable turnaround, then utilizing your local shutter provider Advantage Shutters, is the way to go.

Advantage Building Components LLC, the parent company of Advantage Shutters and an A+ rated business by the Middle Tennessee Better Business Bureau, has been serving the Nashville and Middle Tennessee  areas for over 35 years! Our products are handmade with the finest materials by qualified craftsmen who take pride in their work, custom building every order in our own manufacturing facility in Middle Tennessee where we control each part of the production process.

At Advantage Shutters we will come directly to your home for both measurement and installation and are available to address, in a timely fashion, any problems that may arise. Visits to our factory, located in La Vergne, TN, are welcomed and encouraged. Just call our sales office to arrange an appointment to come see the production process of our locally manufactured wood interior and exterior shutters.

We would love to provide you with a complimentary consultation at your home. Get in touch with our sales staff today and begin the process of adding these beautiful, durable, functional plantation shutters to your home!