5 Exterior Home Shutter Trends in 2021 

Did you know that exterior shutters are the window treatment most likely to add value to your home? Exterior window shutters help keep you in the shade, allow you to manage your ventilation better, and provide protection and security. Plus, with a range of styles available, any house looks beautiful with a set of outdoor shutters installed. But, which outdoor shutters are in for this year? Here are 5 top exterior shutter trends in 2021 that we expect to see more of in Tennessee.

1. Arched Wooden Shutters

If you have arched windows, you don’t have to compromise on your exterior shutters. Arched wooden shutters fit perfectly with round-topped windows, meeting neatly in the middle to block out light and keep your home cool. Sturdy, durable, and helps you keep the look of your home unique. Expect to see more external shutters outside the standard square or rectangular options in 2021.

2. Z or X Board and Batten Shutters

Two exterior shutter trends in 2021 are sure to be these clever twists on the classic board and batten shutter style. Instead of purely vertical or horizontal boards, this style adds interest with either one or two diagonal bars. This gives a nostalgic, rustic look, sure to add some vintage quality to your home.

3. Raised Panel Shutters

Another traditional style, raised panel shutters work perfectly with any farmhouse style home or even modern homes influenced by that design. Each shutter boasts one or two flat, raised panels in the center of a sturdy wooden frame. Look out for plain or stained wood, showing off the natural grain, but also bright and bold shades for a bit of cheer.

4. Bahama Shutters

For those spending more time at home in 2021, a little extra shade might be just what’s needed. Prop your Bahama shutters out on their telescopic arms for angled shade, or lock them against the window for security. Expect to see Bahama shutters in bright blue, greens, and yellows to remind us of those vacations we’re looking forward to when the time is right.

5. Functional Colonial Shutters

Thankfully, Middle Tennessee is too far inland to worry much about hurricanes. Still, the storms caused by the remnants of hurricanes can sweep across and shake our foundations sometimes. That’s why many homemakers are saying goodbye to the purely ornamental colonial shutter and hello to equally beautiful but fully functional, hurricane impact rated colonial shutters.

These gorgeous shutters are often used to add color and intrigue to the outside of a home, lining up on each side of the window. The functional versions hinge so that the louvered shutters meet in the middle and safely cover each window, whilst providing a timeless look in just about any color you can imagine.

Shutters are a complete window treatment solution providing shade, helping you cool the home, and making it look great—even adding resale value in some cases. 2021 is the perfect time to revamp the outside of your home in Tennessee with some striking and welcoming exterior shutters. Give us a call to get started!