4 Reasons to Update an Old Home with New Wood Shutters

We live in a region that is prized for buying and renovating historic homes. With quaint southern homes all over the Nashville area — many built circa the late 1800s to the 1930s — it may raise a question as to how you can upgrade your older home with quality and solid renovation features, like adding real wood shutters from Advantage Shutters.

Here are four reasons why you might want to consider updating your older home with new wood shutters, whether you’re adding new shutters or replacing them.

Adding wood shutters cleverly adds curb appeal and style to an older home

Many older homes suffer from having one or more areas of the exterior of the home that look dated and a little too old-fashioned, (as in run-down.) When adding the proper wood shutters from Advantage Shutters, your homes’ curb appeal can be upgraded with a decorative touch that passersby will notice immediately! Adding beauty to your home through exterior renovations is the first step towards making home revamping a success.

Updating to wood shutters is a good way to upgrade your exterior home renovations without having to make costly decisions like full window replacement

Brand new full window replacements can add to the value of your home, but sometimes can be as much as a large down payment on the house! Consider adding valuable appeal by putting on exterior wood shutters and complementing it with protective interior blinds to add longevity to the life of the historical windows that you inherited with the purchase of your older home. While it may not be a total fix to windows that have seen some age, it can add life for another few seasons to your older home gem.

Exterior wood shutters can provide a needed window insulation system

Wood shutters are functional and can add much needed protection against extreme weather while also providing natural ventilation. In addition, they also add privacy to your landmark home! While curb appeal is an important want when doing home value-adds, adding or replacing wooden shutters as a functional home improvement is a need for most older homes.

Choose a wooden shutter style that matches the period of your older home and enhances its uniqueness and its heritage

The exterior shutter was a mainstay of houses built over the last three centuries. Shutters became an obvious part of a home’s history and helped the home stay true-to-form to its historical period, accented with its type of shutter and its style. Shutters also tend to emphasize the region of a home’s historical significance, especially here in the South. Home styles like Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, and Queen Anne style homes almost always feature floor to ceiling type windows and are known for their complementary shutter design. The Colonial House style (late 1800s to the 1940s) revived the raised-panel shutter style, and brought about the architectural cut-out designs in the top of the shutter panels.

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