4 Reasons to Leave Home Shutter Installation To The Professionals

We’ve helped many customers in the Greater Nashville Area choose, design, and install custom wood shutters for over 30 years. Over this period of time, we’ve seen many trends come and go including do-it-yourself home shutter installation. 

Big box stores market and neatly package everything you need to install your very own interior plantation shutters and exterior home shutters. And they even claim installation is a simple and quick process. Consumers who enjoy the DIY process or just want to save money may be tempted to take on this daunting project. We’re here to help you think twice before doing so…

Here are four reasons to leave home shutter installation to the professionals.

  1. Accurate Measurements

Home shutters can be installed with interior and exterior mounts. The installation type varies depending on the type of window. Getting correct measurements is crucial. If your measurements are not precise, you will find it impossible to install your shutters. Professional shutters installers have the experience and training to get the right measurements, every time. 

  1. Expertise Throughout The Entire Process

There are several decisions that will need to be made as you choose and install interior plantation or exterior shutters. When you work with local, shutter experts like Advantage Shutters, you will be guided through the process of choosing, designing, and installing shutters from beginning to end. We will help you pick the perfect hardware, materials, style, and finish that fits your home and budget.

  1. You will get a Secure, Energy-Efficient Fit

It is also very important that interior Plantation shutters fit closely to your window. Only an experienced, professional installer will know how to do this well. When the shutter is installed close to the window, it looks better, blocks light leaks, and improves energy efficiency. When installed correctly, your interior shutters can decrease energy bills and keep you comfortable throughout the winter months.

  1. You Will Avoid Frustration

Hanging window shutters is a time consuming, tedious process. It involves special hardware, measuring, tools, and advanced framing skills. It is easy for someone who is inexperienced to end up with uneven sides or gaps. For this reason, we recommend avoiding frustration and starting with expert installation. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality interior and exterior shutters, backed by our excellent service from our experienced employees. Our dedicated installers have been with the company for years and have the training and expertise to get it installed correctly and on time. 

If you are seeking a frustration-free, enjoyable process from consultation to installation, call the experts at Advantage shutters to schedule your free, in-home consultation today. We’ll support you during the process, from picking the best shutters for your home to providing the perfect fit during installation.