3 Reasons to Choose Interior Wooden Shutters and Exterior Shutters Over Composite

When it comes to your Middle TN home’s form and function, it’s no secret that installing top-of-the-line shutters is the number one way to increase curb appeal and beauty. But you may be unsure about whether to choose wooden interior and exterior shutters or those comprised of man-made composite materials. While there are certainly pros and cons to each option, the benefits of using quality wood products to create stunning, hand-crafted shutters make it the obvious choice. Here are three of our favorite reasons to choose wooden interior and exterior shutters for your Nashville area home.

1. Wood boasts unmatched natural beauty.

Nothing else compares to the rich grain, color, and luster of real wood. Our most commonly used wood for exterior shutters are:

  • Spanish cedar
  • Cypress
  • Mahogany

Our interior shutters are made of:

  • American hardwood
  • Poplar
  • Basswood

Each of these beautiful woods allows us to create a stunning finished product worthy of any well-loved Middle TN home.

2. Wood allows for an unlimited number of color and style options.

In need of more reasons to choose wooden interior and exterior shutters? Here’s a good one! Wood shutters are your only option for achieving a match between shutters and exterior trim or interior features. Unlike composite shutters, which are only available in limited, pre-determined colors, wooden interior and exterior shutters are a versatile option and can be painted to perfectly match your home’s existing color scheme.

Our wooden exterior shutters are finished with either Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore top-quality exterior paints. Our interior shutters can either be custom stained to match furniture, trim or cabinetry or can be custom painted to match any paint color using a lacquer paint finish.

Wood can also be honed into different shapes and sizes, making wooden interior and exterior shutters the best option for a wide range of window styles as well as special custom designs. With wood, your choices really are endless, and you can get what you want.

3. Wood is durable and strong, but also lightweight.

Wooden interior and exterior shutters boast a high strength-to-weight ratio. Even though they are lighter in weight than composite shutters, they are stronger. This makes them durable and also allows for larger panel sizes – even large panels won’t put undue weight on the shutters and sag. When you choose wood shutters you gain greater flexibility when making design choices while providing you with the best quality product available.

We hope our suggested reasons to choose wooden interior and exterior shutters helps make your decision more clear! We are a locally owned business and we view our Middle TN customers as an extension of our family, so get in touch today!

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