3 Reasons to Add Plantation Shutters to a Bathroom

Wood plantation shutters are one of the most classic styles of window coverings on the market. The term “plantation shutters” brings a sense of rich tradition to any home, new or old. They are easy to clean and operate and can be a great option for providing privacy in a room that needs it – like a bathroom. Plantation shutters also offer energy efficiency and insulating properties, and for this reason alone can be a valuable enhancement to your home’s master or guest bathrooms. Below are three reasons to consider when thinking about adding interior plantation shutters to a bathroom.

Champion a sense of style and emphasize decor.

Choosing wooden interior plantation shutters in your master or guest bathroom is an excellent choice because no other window treatment offers that classic aesthetic and distinct look. Interior wood plantation shutters are an elegant and attractive addition to any room in the house, including a bathroom. They can be fitted to any size bathroom window – large or small. Plantation shutters are offered in a variety of paint colors and stains and can be chosen, with the help of our team as a guide, to match any decor. 

They offer privacy.

Installing plantation shutters in a bathroom where privacy is an excellent choice when compared to blinds or frosted windows.  Plantation shutters give you the control to have complete or partial privacy. Unlike blinds, plantation shutters can be shut completely when privacy is a top priority. Plantation shutters are also a versatile choice for large windows as they allow natural light to billow into a bathroom. A win-win in practical interior design.

They are easy to clean.

Plantation shutters are a great choice because they are easy to clean. If you’re an allergy sufferer, this is good news when considering how to make a home deep cleaned and allergy-free. Shutters can be easily wiped down, dusted, and will not hold odors. These types of shutters work well in high humidity and are great for rooms where moisture is present like a bathroom. 

Plantation shutters add that wow factor and privacy to any bathroom window. Schedule an in-home free consultation to have one of our professionals help you select the right wood plantation shutter, and make an investment in your home that encompasses style, privacy and makes cleaning a breeze. Wood plantation shutters are truly a smart and stylish window treatment to feature in your bathroom.