3 Advantages of Adding Bahama Shutters

Looking to breathe some life into your home? With the promise of summer’s bright sunshine around the corner, this is the perfect time of year in Nashville, Franklin and all of Middle Tennessee to install new Bahama shutters and revitalize the appearance of your house. Attractive, versatile and customizable, this simple home upgrade offers several benefits. Some of the many advantages of Bahama shutters include:

Bahama shutters conserve energy and save you money.

Bahama shutters are decorative and also functional. They give privacy yet allow for ventilation through an open window. These shutters’ top hinges allow you to easily and intuitively control the angle and amount of air you have flowing into your space. This gives you the option of using your Bahama shutters during all four seasons, thereby increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Let the sunshine and the breeze blow – you can prop open the shutters to block the intense rays of light while still allowing the cooling wind to drift through the house.

Bahama shutters offer varying degrees of privacy.

Because of the increase in property value and  Nashville’s booming real estate market, Middle Tennessee homes continue to be built on zero-acre lots. The upside – larger homes that are custom made. The downside – loss of privacy. Your indoor-outdoor space is often in full view of your neighbor’s space. Bahama shutters are substantial enough to give you the privacy you desire while keeping the indoor/ outdoor experience when you prop them open.

Bahama shutters are completely customizable and will increase curb appeal and the value of your home.

At Advantage Shutters our Bahama shutters are carefully designed and made by hand to your exact specifications here in Middle Tennessee using high quality, durable wood. We offer a custom finish completed at our factory, including color matching, and expertly install each shutter. We can match your shutters to your existing trim, or use them as a way to add a pop of color to your home, or even personalize them with cut-outs. Having exterior shutters installed on your house is a simple way to add significant value to your property.

The advantages of Bahama shutters are clear. And Advantage Shutters has been in the business of crafting custom-built shutters for over 25 years. Our Bahama shutters are carefully designed, built, custom finished and expertly installed locally in Middle TN using only the best materials available. For more information on our custom-made Bahama shutters, contact us today. We are eager to help you transform your house into a reflection of your personal style.